The Book of Matrix Poetry

The following is an in-depth introduction to matrix poetry, a form that I invented in 2018. This style scaffolds the best elements of cascade poems with the structure of a mathematical matrix. This book contains illustrated instructions and examples of matrix poems, as well as a variation of the format that should provide the reader with an interesting challenge to replicate.

Sample Poem: "Amber Nights"

Long nights of amber sunshine are mist to the tundra,
the lichen-encrusted dogwood groves separated by glaciers
and crags, creme-colored fjords melting like wax under the Aurora Borealis.

A cloak of mist separates the groves of dogwood trees
when the sunshine melts the fjords to amber-creme,

the lichen-covered glaciers that slowly carve out crags in the tundra’s
shale bedrock on the longest of nights, under the Northern Lights

that adorn the patchwork quilt
as if all the sky were a canvas,
the air its palette,
diamond dogwoods standing tall
above the starscape here in Mendenhall.

120 Poems & Counting: An Extensive Poetry Anthology

This book is an extensive compilation of Andrew Blitman's poetic works. The goal is to consolidate them in one place for easy reference and creative depth. Without further ado, here are the poems that most defined the first ten years of the author's writing career.

Sample Poem: "Poetry Is a Musing"

Poetry is a musing
For architects of the word
Who construct language from thin air
To describe the world as they see fit.

Every poem has a story
That the reader can discover
Hidden between stanzas,
Deep concepts waiting to be cracked open
By analytic minds
That are eager to plough through books
For wisdom and entertainment
As a pastime.

Simplicity is complexity
Without wasted words.

When the letters transcend the page,
They speak to our souls
In unfamiliar ways.
They change us,
Empower us,
Make us better thinkers.

This is the purpose of poetry,
To enlighten us against the grain
With ideas expressed forever and again
As metaphors with humorous flavors,
The rhymes that make us savor
Communication at its finest.

The analects in our dialects
Are the architects of our common speech.
The things that they teach
Are the legends and epic myths
That lay the foundations
Of our personal and cultural identities
In a narrative fashion.

They are the life lessons and the fables,
The parables and the anecdotes
That connect us to the lives of our forebears,
In solidarity with the rest of mankind.

The poet and reader have a special bond,
Linked across eons and nationalities
By a shared fervor for abstract notions.
Our fascination with carefully chosen words
Need not be elaborate,
(Though it usually is)
To cause commotion.

We are not content with mediocrity or convention;
We abandon them whenever possible with great passion.
The letters are as beautiful as the poems themselves;
Numbers and punctuations
Are art forms dazzling and elegant.

If poetry is a musing,
Than a poem is a Muse
With many faces and infinite facets
That reinvent themselves daily.

Languages are melting pots,
Churning continuously with fresh ideas
That halt for no one.
Everything is forged in this fire.

Those who love lexicons
Are never disappointed;
They know that the Universe
Was created from the Word.

Pen in hand,
They masterfully mold vernacular like clay,
Gently, carefully, intently renovating it
With vocabulary extraordinary
And an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Simplicity is complexity
Without wasted words.

Poetry is to Man
What music is to birds.

Modern-Day Climate Change and the Great Dying: A Poem by Andrew Blitman

There are 105 total lines in this poem. Its purpose is to explain the true mechanisms of climate change in respect to what science really tells us about the worst mass extinction in geologic history. The picture shows the atmospheric Carbon dioxide levels in the Permian Period, from its beginning to its tragic end (image taken from

Magnum Opus: Ophelia's Whirlwind Rhapsody by Andrew Blitman

I am a poet and artist that webmasters The Written Blit blog ( ). I am the self-published author of sixteen books, including "Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel", "Letters to Nineveh", and the "Wild Writers" Series. Here is my testimony, or the story of where I come from and how Jesus redeemed me:

The Journey (Or a Vision That Led Me To Christ in the End) by Andrew Blitman

This poem came out of a suicide attempt 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it came before or after, but this poem showed me a glimpse of my future if I were to continue destroying myself along the path I traversed back in 2008/2009. However, it eventually led me out of spiritual darkness and to redemption in Christ years later. Whatever energy that produced this poem helped me survive depression for more than 8 years straight, even if it was the pure defiance of death and surrender to mental illness. I hope this work helps others get out rock bottom!

Wild Writers: The Animal World's Greatest Poets

Why read this book? Because everybody - from the cosmic to the microscopic - has a story to tell. I have always wanted to know what goes on inside the heads of animals. Poetry was the tool that made this possible. "Wild Writers" allows us to have imaginary conversations with our pets and other creatures and empathize with them. Who knows? We might end up learning new things along the way.

Sample Poem - "Mustang"

Mystical steed, I rear up.
A bucking bronco
Stands against his own nature.

To run counter to the winds,
To race as a free horse
On sunset prairies like these.

They are what Equus needs;
I will never let you tame me.
I am faster than the breeze.

Wild Writers, Volume 2: Portraits and Poems from the Animal Kingdom

Why read the second installment of "Wild Writers"? Because everybody - from the cosmic to the microscopic - has a story to tell. I have always wanted to know what goes on inside the heads of animals. Poetry was the tool that made this empathic exercise possible. "Wild Writers" allows us to have imaginary conversations with our pets and other creatures, which lets us empathize with their possible commentaries about Life on Earth, Mother Nature, and humanity. Who knows? We might end up learning new things along the way.

Sample Poem - "Baby Goose (Gosling)"

I am a baby and I love my Dad.
He is my role model,
The best that anyone could have.

An expert pilot,
He takes turns flying with my Mom
To the corners of the globe.

With the rest of the gaggle in tow,
They form a V-pattern in the air
And take turns feeding me at home.

Most of my time is spent in the nest.
I am a gosling after all;
I need my rest.

But in the springtime and in the summer,
The refreshing sunlight awakens me from my slumber.
I play tag with the dandelions,
Who are covered with soft down just like me.

The seeds blow everywhere
After they make me sneeze.
I want to be like them and my parents,
Who travel around the world
And visit the places I think about in my dreams.

When my wings are fully-fledged,
I will join my relatives in the draft.
I will become an ace like my dear old Dad!

Wild Writers, Volume 3: Voices in Peril

The third installment focuses on endangered plants and animals from around the world. Their voices are significant, too. Read this book to learn about the Giant Sequoia, the Ganges River Shark, Welwitschia, and many other species that share our planet.

Sample Poem - "Ganges River Shark"

I am a shark that lives only
In fresh water.
The author stumbled upon me
Only yesterday.
He did not know
That there were sharks alive today
That live exclusively in rivers.

We are critically endangered fish
That are only found in the Ganges Watershed.
We are often confused with bull sharks,
Which are far more common than we.

I am grey and brown and covered in toothy scales.
I span 7 feet from nose to tail.
I have a dorsal fin half my size,
Aptly positioned on my streamlined backside.
I also have small eyes
Because the Ganges is very blurry.
You would miss me in the River
If you swam in a hurry.

Our habits are similar to yours
In that we give birth to live young.
We have placenta-like organs
That protect our litters of tiny pups
Before they are born.

Sing a hymn for us requiem sharks,
Who are vulnerable to overfishing and pollution,
And to other factors like our replenishment speed
That have no easy solutions.

Although there are regulations in our favor,
The problems with enforcement
Put our long-term future in question.
That is why we are so rare today.

Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel

"Birthright 2012" is a personal account of my voyage throughout Israel. The outer story incorporates humor, science, history, and my own observations as I explore the land. It should appeal to the armchair traveler who would like to experience the country but is unable to and also to anyone who would like to learn more about this bastion of democracy in the Middle East. Beneath this outer story there exists an inner story. Filled with humor, philosophy, and poetry, this underlying aspect of the book follows my own personal voyage to self-awareness. 

"Birthright 2012" chronicles the daily activities of my University of Miami Birthright trip to Israel. Each chapter highlights a single day’s events, activities, and sights. The book is chock-full of deep personal insights, light humorous anecdotes, witty observations, and scientific and historical facts. I hope you will follow me on my journey through the Land of Milk and Honey.

Sample Poem - "Never Again (Conversations with God)"

In the hearth of Jerusalem,
The Holy City of Fire,
Live the spirits of those
Who died in it.

“Who can save them?”
A small voice could be heard,
As the walls close in…
First. Second. Third.

“Into a triangle we are bound,”
Another mighty one bellowed.
“It is the stablest of shapes,
A pyramid rooted to the ground.”

“Your people have two in your Star of David,”
It interjected.
With a symphonic roar,
It closed the door,
And nullified the light
Of an earlier Jewish world
Much like yours
That had been rejected.

Images of a bygone era,
A Jewish universe in 1930s Europe
Flashed on a cement screen.

With a strange bidding power
It glowed.
A century of history
Passed by in less than an hour.

I saw men, women, and children.
Their faces showed.
They were dancing, singing,
And waving goodbye,
As if they didn’t even know…

“Hatikva”, a youthful choir ominously chimed.
Hope was on the way, I thought,
Until the cement panels melted to grime.

“They are the dry bones of yesterday,”
The once-mighty bellow went solemn,
“Who perished without a trace,
Who are scattered throughout
This hallowed, hollowed, and blood-stained place.”

“Be like them and say farewell.
For the rest of time,
It is their forgotten story that you will tell.”

I knew as a Jew
Where I was and what I felt,
But could not express it well.
I told the voice
—I had the choice—
I must be in Hell.

“Surely you are right,”
It responded.
The light became night,
And a zigzag of narrow fences
That overwhelmed my meager senses
Cut a treacherous path through the walls.

A flurry of papers fell from the sky
As my invisible companion left me to die.
Once the icy wind calmed down,
The stack of pages formed an uneven layer
That blanketed the ground.

“Like snow,” I snatched
One from the floor.
“Auf wiedersehen, Jewish whore!”
The wretchèd thing read.
Millions of papers,
Each one just a slur,
Barraged me with hateful words.

This was the dark side
Of that Jewish world.
A sea of virulent Anti-Semitism,
At the heart of European culture,
Into the spirit of the 1930s
I was hurled.

Blood libels here,
Judas accusations there,
Not even St. Augustine
Had a kind verse to spare.

I then saw that perverted
Swastika emerge from the haze.
To the Unholy Crusades they’ve reverted.
Propaganda was more than just a phase.

I turned to Germany;
Kristallnacht had occurred.
The small number of Jews were enemies,
A melting pot they had stirred.

“Get the Jew to Palestine,”
A child’s board game said.
“Hell, if you can’t ship them away,
They’re better off dead.”

“Such was the Global Refugee Problem,”
The 1938 Èvian Conference ruled.
“The Jews don’t belong anywhere,” it said.
Anti-Semitism had been fueled.

The narrow walls closed further still.
Somehow the air grew colder,
Even as I walked down the hill.
I saw a nursery in Berlin.
“What of them, the children?” I asked.
“They’re pure. They’re untainted.
Surely, they will…”

“Stop,” the mighty voice commanded.
“They’re already corrupted by this hatred.
It’s too much for you to face.
The Nazis got to them long ago,
Through their board games, their parents,
And even the radio.”

“Their story doesn’t end here,”
It continued. “Just look down.”

Below my feet I saw shoes.
Thousands. Millions. Still warm too.
“They are the anonymous victims of this heresy
Who had no other fate to choose.
If you were born in a different era,
You would have been one of those innocent Jews.”

“There are men, women, children,
Many younger than you.
Some were homosexuals, babies too.”
I came to this realization
As a yellow Star of David
Was pressed into my chest.

“For the next decade you’ll be hunted,
Tortured, and starved to the bone, too.
You cannot hide. Like Anne Frank
You’ll hope the Nazis won’t pursue.

I walked to the left,
Then looked to my right.
I saw two hundred thousand people bow.
They rallied as a unit for Hitler
And his Final Solution.

I truly wanted to kill them all.
If only I knew how.
“You’d be no better than they were
If you did. They’re all dead now.”

“And what of the six million
Who were murdered for no reason?”
I asked Hashem.
The voice showed its true form.
In less than a second, I felt warm.

Five twinkling lights
Twinkled like a million stars.
“They are the generation we lost,”
I said. “That’s what they are.
If the children of the Holocaust had lived,
This world could have gone so goddamn far.”

“Humanitarians talk of the refugees
Who they know nothing about.
What of the refugees, who,
In their hands, were deliberately wiped out?”

“So many innocent beings
Were kicked off the Earth,”
I expressed without mercy.
“Even Germany’s Minister of Justice
Ruined us with this baseless dirt.”

“To add injury to insult,
The world is trying to forget.
All of its actions, its guilt,
Washed away without regret.”

“How can I fight
Such lack of sight,
When such mindlessness
Is too difficult to bear?”

“They will never clear
Themselves of blame,”
Hashem hammered home.
“Not all people are bad!”
He exclaimed.
For the Righteous of the Nations
I am glad.”

“Some gentiles gave their lives
To make others possible.
Fight the Nazis they would
So that the Jews also could.”

“Those that deny
The who, the how, the what, and the why,
Are as lost as those they disparage,
The ones that honestly, truly died.”

“For those who perished
In the Anti-Semitic game
Rest forever with me, Hashem,
In a sacred place called Yad Vashem,
The monument and the name.”

The Bridge of Destiny

This book is a collection of poems and artwork that share Biblical Christian themes. Subjects include the purpose and nature of money, the purpose of war (if there is one), the nature of solitude and why it is different from loneliness, and the roles of love and trust in Christian faith. This is his first foray into mixed media storytelling.

Sample Poem - "Just God"

Rising above the Firmaments,
Greater than Time itself,
Lives God the Creator
Who is always at work,
Maintaining the Earth His Footstool
And the Universe that He created.

He is all-knowing and omnipresent;
The Heavenly Father is also omnipotent,
Capable of everything but Sin.
He is blameless and trustworthy,
Honest and glorious,
The Teacher of Forgiveness
To Man, who is by himself
Only able to wield vengeance.

God the Father knows our thoughts;
He reads our hearts before our Conscience
To make us aware of our corruption and brokenness
And to illuminate the pathway of repentance.

All is not lost for those who need mercy;
The Most High responds
To them who cry out for deliverance.
They are the ones who know that He exists.

There might be nothing new under the Sun
But there is unrelenting Love
From the Holy One.

He is our sword and shield,
The anchor when our sails are torn.
God is the One Who chose us
Before we were even born.
How can we resist
The only Person that can silence
Our inner storms?

The Father is True, and He is Just.
Only a loving God would choose to put up with us.
Mighty is His compassion;
Slow is He to anger
When most would explode like dynamite
When their friends go against what is right.

What a whirlwind it is to be with Him,
The Ultimate Authority all must reckon with
When the Seventh Day is done.

To Live the Life: When Salvation Speaks to the Soul

This is Andrew Blitman's twelfth book, which contains short stories and poems about social justice, life and death, and knowledge versus faith. It is an experimental Christian anthology that tackles tough questions in a similar vein to Blitman's other works. This short-but-sweet collection will take you out of your comfort zone for a wild, informative ride!

Sample Poem: "Our Mercy's Prayer"

                                        Broken homes,
                        nights overwhelmed by mourning.

Specters live and people die on street corners,
their spirits fading like the lights of lamps under the falling rains.

Neglect paints the skies black even as the sun shines above,
opportunities for hope and human intervention illuminated by starlight, in the locations where isolation prevails,

            along the rails where a homeless woman gathers ice cubes
                                    during a hail storm,

            under the bridge where drug addiction takes its ruinous toll on
                                the invisible community,

              on the beach where garbage accumulates for the seabirds’
                                    consumption and
                                      Nature’s death,

To the cars in the lots where parents abandon their children,
where the lots are drawn against the lives of the most vulnerable

Not even the stronghold of wealth can safeguard the most needy from the most savage; only the Most High can change hearts and minds and awaken awareness of the overt hardships that go unnoticed.

What is the center of your focus? Where do you place your faith? On what do you rely when your help is required?

            Do you look to God or men, to machines or magic, to the  

                                  universe or nothing at all?

Where does the breeze blow when you reach to the heavens for the reasons why things are and why things have to be that way?

Does reason guide you to your answer, where you are left to your own devices, as if you were stranded and left estranged, entangled in explanations for events that are beyond the limits of your understanding?

Let there be only One we turn to in times of doubts and struggle, when grief and learned helplessness are the primary reactions we take to the grotesque symptoms of our society’s disorder.

Let God be the director and direction of our inquiries about the lofty despairs toward our era, for only He can guide our actions toward productive and righteous ends, so that we can directly release others from the snare of desperation.

Let no devastation destroy us, for we are more than conquerors  

                                          in Jesus Christ.

We cannot be taken by the forces of evil while He shields us from our woes; He brings rest to the weary when answers are too harsh to grasp and be necessary.

Let this be our Mercy's Prayer:

      That we become aware of and entwined with reality’s many levels
      without becoming enmeshed in them. Please give us release from        our sorrows through our faith in You above all other things.

    You gave us life and continue to give us reasons to live with each        passing minute. You take away the burdens of total insight, which        often blinds those who possess it.

    Teach us how to know You instead. Please guide us with and give        us Your heart and Your wisdom - of which we are wholly                        undeserving - which protects us from wont and disappointment.

Jesus - please come to us swiftly in our days.
                  Be the lamp under our feet,
                          so that we can follow You and serve You well.

Give us umbrage.
                Give us grace.
                        Forgive us in our brokenness and sin,
                            For You are God and we are just woeful humans
                          who need You and mercy’s tender embrace.

The Big Book of Pun-ishment: A Diverse Collection of Original Jokes, One-Liners, and Punchlines

Andrew Blitman is a writer who loves science, history, and poetry. This is his first joke book (and hopefully not his last). Some of his other works include "Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel" and "Wild Writers: The Animal World's Greatest Poets".

Sample Jokes:

1. “Did you hear about the gorilla that received the Nobel Prize for Economics last year?”
- “Yes, he discovered the mathematical formula for monkey business”

2. What is the scientifically proven method of protection from wild zebra attacks? (The answer is always a Horse Field)

3. What do you call a dog on an escalator?
- A stair-wolf

4. Boy, I have trouble conducting myself. If my life was a train, it would have derailed itself before it even left the station!

5. The worst thing about that volcanic eruption is that all of our chances of survival go completely downhill from here.

6. The people who work at the Cheesecake Factory sure are glad they don’t work at the Key Lime Sweatshop!

7. Boy, I have bad luck with women. The last person who found me a girl that wanted to talk to me earned the Nobel Prize for Matchmaking.

8. My friend CostCo is always giving me free samples.

9. My friend Mojito is unusually strong. He knocked me out yesterday.

10. What are my friend Kabob’s chances of living a happy life?
- Totally skewered

11. What do you do with elbows and knees?
- You put them in joint custody

12. Why did Levi Strauss invent blue jeans?
- So that he would always wear the pants in his family.

13. What is the worst gift you could give to your Valentine?
- A heart attack

14. Where did Miss Maple meet her husband?
- At the Sap Convention

15. What is the way to an accountant’s heart?
- By defeating him in a numbers game

16. What is the foundation of America’s judicial system?
- Mistrial and error

17. Why is Lady Justice blind?
- Because she is Miss Trial and Error

18. What happens when Ellen Degeneres stops giving to charity?
- She becomes “Ungenerous”

19. How do you get a statistician drunk?
- You take him to the bar graphs

20. Why did the Gobbledygook teacher quit his job?
- Because he was tired of all the gibberish

21. Why are pillows so vindictive?
- Because they have cases for and against everyone

22. Why do angels have a stairway to Heaven?
- Because the escalators are broken

23. What do you call a revolving door in a prison?
- A non-slammer

24. Why are circles so common?
- Because they are always around

25. What do you call someone who lives below a library?
- An understudy

26. What do you call a dead leprechaun?
- Unlucky

27. What happens to drivers who get stuck in roundabouts?
- Their lives come full-circle

28. Why did the geologists agree to stop their fighting?
- Because they realized the quarrel was nobody’s fault but their own

29. How do harps tell the truth?
- They can’t. They’re all lyres

30. What is the worst thing you can do to an atomic bomb?
- Push its buttons

Thirteen: The Book of Promise

This is Andrew's thirteenth book, released as the immediate sequel to the twelfth book, "To Live the Life". It contains poems and short stories that offer deep insights as well as words of encouragement to the reader. It is a fast, hard-hitting read that will rock your world!

Sample Poem: "Muscadines"

Bitter as muscadines, solid as rock,
the hardened heart lacks water
as a dried-up geyser that refuses to talk.

The resentful man walks on cobblestones sharp as nails,
yet does not question his feelings when he tells the distorted tales
of how he was wronged in some way.

They sow discord among the people
who did everything to catch him,
to save him from that bitterness.
But now they question themselves…

Is there room for forgiveness
in an environment like this?

When fury accumulates inside us
we can be engulfed by our own self-justifications,
those that derail us, that leave us hard-hearted
like the resentful man, whose unresolved misgivings
have left him broken, shattered, angry, and alone.

I was once that man, but now I have changed.
You don’t want to be like him,
he who let himself be overtaken by the bitterness
that pervaded the four corners of his world.

What can we learn from his experiences?
How do we remove ourselves from the gripes
and frustrations that occupy every aspect of life?

We must know that resentment is a universal poison,
the acid that dissolves loving-kindness wherever it flows.
Without immediate intervention, 
hardness turns to madness everywhere it goes.

Words that spout from anger
pollute the mouth and harm our friends,
pitting them against each other
until accountability is silenced
and even the heatproof are ignited
by the rage of hatred’s unquenchable fire.

Keeping the Reaper’s flame can even become our desire.

This is why we must renew our minds continuously
and push ourselves to practice forgiveness,
the only thing that can cleanse a hardened heart
of bitterness, which might as well be malice
because the intent is the same.

We must take ownership of these feelings,
apologizing for them readily,
before they steadily merge with our character.

Should we not make sweet wine from the muscadines, 
we forsake the capacity to forgive, to live a life arisen.
We will instead have only ourselves to blame,
and we will not be forgiven.

Letters to Nineveh

Nineveh is the nation that was once Ancient Israel's greatest enemy. However, when the prophet Jonah told the Ninevites to repent to God (or have their nation destroyed by God in 40 days), they repented/obeyed and received God's mercy for their sins. This book contains a series of poems about American dilemmas, which are in many ways similar to Nineveh's situation 2400 years ago. I hope you enjoy this book!

Sample Poem: "Restored"

They whose hearts are broken,
remember that you are adored!
Let your prayers be honest ones;
send them through the open door!

All who knock on the portal
shall receive their answers
with thanksgiving.
For many, it’s the response
that makes life worth living.

Wealth and power doth not a man profit,
for all selfish wishes are ignored
to the benefit of the selfless few
that know what to do
with complete peace that’s true:

The total fulfillment of God’s will
to bring us to a pristine state,
the anointing of the disciple
who becomes the salt of the earth
and a sanctified city on a hill.

Rejoice, children!
Ye that sought Him shall notice
that by your pure faith 
you have been made new.

Go, and sin no more,
for you have knocked on the door
that opened because you believed.
Be relieved, for you have received the Lord
and are through Him fully restored!

Beautiful Harvest

This is my fifteenth book, which poetically highlights the rewards of trials and tribulations in art, nature, Christianity, and life experiences. It also probes ideas like the beauty of nature and what - if anything - makes us truly human. Your journey begins as soon as you open the front cover!

Sample Poem: "The Artist's Endless Cascade Poem"

An artist’s job is never done
until every nerve in his body
has gone completely numb
from thorough self-investigation,
expressions of the lovelorn heart
that never get their dues in life.

‘Tis the strife within a man
that overpowers him,
a wretchèd brokenness
that drives his feeble attempts
at total self-excavation.

What propels him from obscurity
to the agony of anguished attention,
which lingers as feelings locked away,
unforgiven, taboo, forbidden?

Only sadness, sorrow unfulfilled
by differences not meant for conformity,
just the enormity of avant-garde

What safeguards a creative mind
from his own efforts
to make something beautiful
of his suffering?

Just a simple opportunity.

Just the opportunity
to reciprocate the emotions
that were not originally there,
the ones masked by pain and denial
that had been created from isolation
all the while
his creative style
had emerged like a phoenix from the blaze
of anger, shame, humiliation, failure,
and the other methods behind creators’
mysterious cognitive ways.

But he will most likely be ignored
by those who needed his creations the most.
For who knows abandonment more
than the greatest artist of them all,
The Lord of Hosts?

It must be known that the suffering of separation
is endless as eternity itself,
but it is better to endure this way 
alongside the Creator
than to become one with the world
apart from Him.

A writer’s job is never done.
‘Tis the strife within him
that propels him from obscurity
and wretchèd brokenness
against feelings locked away,
unforgiven, taboo, forbidden.
What safeguards an artist
from his own efforts
is just a simple opportunity
to reciprocate the emotions
that were not originally there.

Though the creator will most likely be ignored
by those who needed his creations most,
he can empathize with the Creator
and pursue Him with a loving heart;
therefore suffering from separation alongside God
instead of suffering an eternity apart from Him.

This is the joy of sadness, sorrows fulfilled
by differences meant for non-conformity,
the enormity of avant-garde, nuanced anti-normality.

For art is art, and art is free!

Fated Lines

"Fated Lines" is an anthology of my latest works, all of which were posted on (The Written Blit blog). Every poem in this book has a purpose -- some are warnings, while others attempt to explain the most critical (and frustrating) elements of the human condition. This includes topics like the natures of love and individuality in the ever-shifting landscapes of modern life. 

I hope that you get the most out of this compilation and the lessons it contains. Everything I have learned from my personal experiences with Asperger Syndrome/autism, depression, and the self-hatred intertwined with them all, have been made available to you between the "Fated Lines". I hope that my story inspires you to love yourself in the midst of learned helplessness. If you get one message from this book, let it be that you are not alone in your suffering!

Sample Poem - "Fated Lines"

Faith, Fate.
They are intertwined.
Face them both aligned
Before it is too late
To see the signs
Fading in straight lines.

One Last Book for Now

A short poetry anthology published at the last minute for your reading pleasure, which includes poems such as "The Song of Love", "The Autistic Voice", and "Methuselah, Voice of the Forest". It pulls from many sources to discuss themes of love, justice, and the embracing of difference to give you a whirlwind of a ride.

Sample Poem - "The Autistic Voice"

Streams of words
Flow as drops on paper
From the fountain pen,
Their source.
Communication is easy when written,
But when spoken it often feels forced.

Although I am normal on the outside
– As normal as you are,
Which is crazy to me in your own way –
I often see barriers between us,
Impenetrable as they are wide.

Asperger Syndrome
– Autism –
As I may have it,
Is a developmental disorder
That affects the way
People grow up
And neurologically.
We are, in most situations,
Completely intact intellectually.

The growth milestones often come delayed.
These include things like first words, walking,
And following conversations
Like ours right now,
When we are talking.

If you have met
One person with autism,
Then you have met
One person with autism.

The spectrum is a constellation of symptoms
That individuals with autism
Happen to share.

No two people are identical;
No two cases are the same.
Yet, for some reason,
The stereotypes of Rain Man
And Albert Einstein remain.
After all these years,
We should watch The Good Doctor again.

However, even though we are whole as individuals,
Many of our advocates claim that a piece of us is missing.
They do research without listening,
Speaking on our behalf
That we lack theory of mind, empathy;
That the world should be aware of us
Without desiring us or accepting us.

Beauty is subjective,
By nature selective.

For this reason,
Awareness is not what we want.
We are blue because we want something more
– Inherent dignity – from you,
To be sincerely embraced for who we are
Without having to change ourselves beyond recognition;
To receive true, authentic love
Without preexisting conditions.

We want to be a part of the world around us,
To be apart from the world
That stigmatizes us
And manipulates us
Because we are naive, jaded,
And neurologically different.

Autism is not so much a disability
As it is a difference.
It is a diagnostic label
That need not become a person’s identity,
Lest that be his or her choice.

It is high time we made that decision for ourselves.
The moment has come to welcome the autistic voice.

The Answer Why: And Other Poems from My Dreams

This is another anthology that discusses ideas very close to my heart. Nothing is held back in this book, which uses poetry for humor as well as storytelling. I hope that you find this book thought-provoking. I know that you will be surprised by the things you will find by researching the points I bring to light.

Sample Poem: "Crystal Clear"

Millions of years after their birth,
The gems that encrust all jewelry
Spout forth from the deep Earth
Through the magma tantrums of volcanoes.

When air kisses the molten rock,
The compressed minerals solidify as crystals
Of brilliant carbon; the diamonds' faces
Are flawless in luster and configuration 

As are you, my perfection incarnation!

The Experiments

The following book contains experimental poetry by Andrew Blitman. This is his tenth book...enjoy it!

Sample Poem: "Watercolor Sunsets"

Watercolor sunsets are impressionists
That paint translucent skies
Arrays of reds, yellows, violets, and blues.
The shades descend from the hills to the prairies,
Delivering to the emerald crabgrasses and the amethyst flowers
One final dose of light before dusk falls upon the sun-kissed land.